Friday, September 10, 2010

Why use a lawyer for your real estate transaction instead of notary?

Why use a lawyer for your real estate transaction instead of notary?
A real estate transaction is likely one of the most financially important transactions you will be involved in.  Real estate deals need to be done very carefully and the documentation needs to be carefully prepared and reviewed.  A lawyer has significantly more training and experience in the law than a notary does. In most cases, a lawyer has at least 7 years of post-secondary education including three years of law school plus nine months of apprenticing and an intense legal training course.
If a complication arises, a notary will often have to send you to a lawyer for legal advice.  As many of these issues come up at the last minute, the time pressure can be immense.  In fact your whole deal could fall apart at the last moment do to some unforeseen complication. If you are already dealing with a lawyer, they will be equipped to assist you in a timely manner in the event something unexpected occurs.  If you are working with a notary and require a referral to a lawyer, you may not have enough time to seek the advice of a lawyer and try to resolve the issue. 
For the relatively small additional expense associated with hiring a lawyer rather than a notary, wouldn't you rather have the additional experience behind you?

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