Monday, September 26, 2011

Did your Realtor do you a good service? Did you check?

So you have or had your home for sale and you feel the price is pretty good but your not getting very many showing. Why could that be? Have you taken the time to look at what your marketing materials look like on MLS and any of the websites your agent advertises on? I find that a lot of sellers don't take the time to check up on the work their agent is doing. This really confuses me since we all know how much you sellers pay in commission…a lot! Now I am not saying that there aren't Realtors out there who deserve what they get paid…Some even deserve a lot more! There are unfortunately some agents out there who do not deserve the money they are getting paid. It is your responsibility as a seller to check up on the work your agent is doing and make sure you are happy with the job being done. There are some agents out there who work very very hard to sell their listings. There are also some agents out there who work very hard to get listings then they seem to back off on the work and let the place sell itself. In some markets that will even work…but not today!

In today's market you have to do more not less to sell your listings. There are more listings for sale in any given sector of the market then there have been in a long time. You need to stand out from the crowd. When a buyer is searching through the active listings and they are feeling overwhelmed because there are so many places for sale they are being very selective. The first thing the vast majority of buyers are doing is checking out the pictures. If the pictures do not grab their attention they move right onto the next listing. I have compiled below some comparison photos of listings that were for sale with another agent then they either expired or were withdrawn from the market due to the fact that they did not sell. Then I picked them up and sold them! How did I do it…well other then advertising my listings in over 100 online locations I hire a professional photographer to take 21 or more high quality photos. I then hire a graphic designer to use these photos to market your property in a way that will attract the most attention from prospective purchasers. Making your property stand apart from the crowed is the first step in getting an offer…If a picture is worth 1000 words lets make them good words;-)

(You will see my picture followed by the picture taken by the agent who had the listing before me)

My Picture (above)

Their Picture (above)

My Picture (above)
Their Picture (above)

My Picture (above)

Their Picture (above)

My Picture (above)

Their Picture (above)


My Picture (above)
Their Picture (above)

Their Picture (above)

Their Picture (above)

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