Monday, February 13, 2012

Is your home a Certified Pre-owned Home? Why not?

Here is a quick breakdown on what the CPO program offers buyers and sellers alike.


New concept mirroring the CPO Auto Program
The Certified Pre-Owned Homes Program was born out of the LUXURY CPO Automobile programs that have been enjoying significant success over the last 10 years. Like the auto programs, a CPO Home has been Inspected, Corrected and Warranted bringing unparalleled transparency to the home selling and buying experience. It is for this reason that more buyers are searching for CPO Homes.

Benefits for Sellers
  • Once the home inspection is complete you will know that it is not likely that a subsequent inspection by the buyer will reveal anything major.
  • If during the inspection items are discovered that need attention, you will be able to repair the default prior to any buyer inspecting the property.
  • You will be able to show physical proof that your home has been inspected by means of the inspection report
  • The home warranty will give you and the buyer peace of mind therefore increasing the willingness of the buyer to make an acceptable offer on the property.
  • Typically, you should receive a premium for your Certified Pre-Owned Home much like auto dealers do for the Certified Pre-owned Autos. 
  • As the Seller, you should have no post-closing calls about your former home
  • The combination of a home warranty and a pre-listing home inspection provides unparalleled transparency for prospective buyers about the condition of your home and the possibility of unwanted surprises after they move in which again serves to encourage the buyer to buy Your Property
  • This program is a great way to remove any worries about the condition of your home and potential unforeseen problems. This program will differentiate your listing in the marketplace and maximize your number of potential buyers.
Benefits for Buyers
  • You will be able to rest easy that nothing is seriously wrong with your new home and you won’t be facing any major repair expenses
  • The combination of a home warranty and a pre-listing home inspection provides unparalleled transparency about the condition of the home and the possibility of unwanted surprises after they move in
  • You will be able to make your mortgage payments because you will have no major repair expenses
  • Convenience of repair if needed by means of a 24/7/365 on a toll free number
  • Reduced cost to have a Buyer update inspection for the buyer.

Total Differentiation
When your home is a CPO home, it is differentiated from the other properties that are not Inspected, Corrected and Warranted. This will provide market differentiation for your listing over many others which attracting a greater number of potential buyers. 

What does the warranty cover?

As a brief description, the warranty covers the foundation, structure, roof repairs, the major systems including heat, air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and duct work as well built in appliances including dishwashers, central vacuum, door bells and garage door openers. Basically anything that has passed an inspection by a home inspector who has been certified by CPO

When is the warranty paid for?
The warranty is only paid at the time of closing. So, if for some reason that your home didn’t sell, you wouldn’t be out of pocket for the home warranty.

Select group of Realtors
I am one of less than 5% of all Realtors nationwide who has been selected to be able to offer the CPO program. Century 21 Assurance Realty is the exclusive provider of the CPO program in the Okanagan. This provides me with the opportunity to provide a Superior level of service to my clients. I achieved the designation based on the significant criteria required of each of the participants.

CPO - FAQ's Certified Pre-Owned REALTORS.pages Download this file


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