Monday, March 19, 2012

Great client testimonial!! :-) This is what it is all about:-)

Hi Trever,

Thank you so much for going that extra mile.  Being out of town and not knowing what I was dealing with you really
came through with taking video's of all the homes.  Thanks for putting me in contact with all the proper Kelowna contacts
I needed.  That really put me at ease, having your expertise helping me every step of the way. 
 Love the homework list, you should post that for all people completing a purchase. (see bottom of this post:-)
I will always use your service for all future home purchases.

Judy B.

If you or someone you know is looking to buy or sell a home or property please pass me their info…I will take good care of them and pay you for the referral:-)
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PS. Your referrals to friends and family are always greatly appreciated and rewarded.



Now let’s get working to get these subjects all taken care of so we can get your deal together. I need you to do a few things so here is a list:

  •  Book your inspection. Tell me when you want to do it and I will set it up. The sooner the better. Here is a name and number of an inspector I use all the time. He is really good. Wayne Loewen (homepro) 250-861-1802. Give him a call and see when he is available. If he is busy ask for Roger....he is really good too. After you find out when you both can meet for the inspection call me and let me know so I can set it up with the sellers.
  • Figure out your financing ASAP and let me know how it looks...If you need help with anything regarding the financing please let me know ASAP and I will refer you to someone. Or just Call Karen Shale from Centum LendingMax…she is a super good friend of mine and will do the best job possible her number is 250-859-4126. (Let me know the name and number of the person you will be using ASAP so I can get them the papers they will need.)
  • Insurance. Call whatever insurance company you want and tell them you are buying a new home (give them the address) and ask them to confirm that you will have no issues getting Fire/property insurance. They should be able to let you know easily enough but may ask you a few questions. If you go to the insurance company AFTER you have the inspection DO NOT BRING THEM THE INSPECTION REPORT...they may use it to increase your rates...I have seen this happen before. Here is a name of a good insurance company if you don't have one you regularly use: Westland Insurance. Ask for Wendy Weller and let her know I referred you. 250-979-6420.
  • Figure out who you are going to use as a lawyer and let me know. If you don't know one already call Una Gabie. Let her know that I sent you and she will be able to give you a break on the price. She will do a great job. Her number is 250-469-9628 ext 104 and her email is She works for OKIMAW Law. (tell me who you are using ASAP)
  • PDS – Review it and make sure you are happy with what you see…if you have any questions please ask me ASAP
  • Strata Papers - We will be getting these shortly. Once you receive them please look them over carefully. There is a lot that can be gleaned about how a Strata corp and the development are being run by reviewing these papers. If you see anything at all in the papers that you do not understand or you have questions about let me know right away.

There is your homework.  Please do not delay in getting the above items taken care of. If you hit any walls, don't understand something, or have any questions about anything I have asked you to do let me know and I will walk you through it. Thanks and talk soon.

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