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Real Estate Report

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As part of the world's largest Real Estate organization, I am proud to offer industry leading service to my clients.  I would be honored if you would give me the opportunity to provide this great service to you, your friends and family.


 "The SAVVY Buyer" - Step #1

 Finding the right REALTOR® for you is the first step to a successful home buying experience. Like any business relationship, a personal connection with your agent will go a long way to making your experience a positive one.

 Often people go about finding an agent backwards. They read a newspaper or get one of the home magazines in the supermarkets, and they call about a home they see advertised. Typically no one buys the house they initially call about, but from that point on, they're joined at the hip with a real estate agent they don't know anything about. It would be preferable to find an agent before the search begins, one who will understand what they need and can navigate the system for them.

 Choose an agent you can trust, one dedicated to serving your needs, not only before and during the sale, but after the deal closes as well.

Stay tuned for "The Savvy Buyer" Steps 2-8 coming up.


Based on March MLS® Data for the Central Okanagan

March 2013 - 979
March 2012 - 1104
March 2013 - 329
March 2012 - 351
Single Family Residential - $400,066
Townhouse - $317,000
Condo - $207,500
Lot - $180,000
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Source - OMREB



Each year, more and more people are choosing to purchase a property smaller than the one they currently own. Whether you are switching to a smaller space because your family is changing, or you would like to retire in a place that requires less maintenance, there are plenty of benefits to downsizing.

Access the Equity in your Home - Downsizing your home is a great way to convert your home equity into capital that you and your partner or family can use for whatever is needed. The money could go towards a vacation home, savings for a better retirement, or even a contribution towards your kids or grandkids' education.  

Less Seasonal Maintenance - One of the most attractive benefits of downsizing to a townhouse or condo is the convenience of almost maintenance free living. In the summer, the mowing, weeding and general fussing you need to do is kept to a minimum or taken care of by your condo board. In the winter, the amount of shoveling is greatly reduced or completely eliminated.

Eliminate Empty Rooms - If you’re not making regular use of at least 70% of your home, then you could seriously consider the benefits of downsizing. The average size of a home has almost doubled in size in the past 30 years, yet the average family size keeps shrinking. Having too much space creates an imbalance that costs more that just time and money – it also means there are more floors to vacuum, more things to dust, and more rooms to organize.

Move Closer to your Passions - The size of your new home shouldn’t be the only reason for downsizing. When you are planning to scale down, consider choosing a location that will bring you closer to the places you go regularly. Whether it’s closer to family, friends, shops, or work – anything that will bring you closer to the things you love will help you cut back on time and travel expenses. Imagine how great it would be to live within walking distance to work!

Smaller Homes tend to be Greener - Homes that have a smaller footprint often require less light, heat, and air conditioning, which means you will spend less on energy. It all adds up to savings that can help the environment and keep some cash in your wallet.

An Excuse to get Rid of Clutter - The move to downsize often coincides with clearing out decades old clutter, and opting for multipurpose furnishings. Take the time to consider what you really want and need out of your home. Many people who downsize enjoy a freedom they haven’t experienced since before the arrival of kids.

While downsizing can be a daunting task, with the help of a professional it can be used to help you increase cash flow and convenience – and enjoy a simpler way of living.



Century 21 is the exclusive provider of AIR MILES® Reward Miles in the Real Estate Industry.


We are happy to provide our clients with the use of our Century 21 moving van to make your move easier. You just pay for the gas.

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