Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Listing SOLD! I sold this listing of mine in 14 days and for only 2k below asking price! That is the power of listing a home for the right price!!

In this age of real estate the average days on market is 130 days. That means that if you price your home exactly at the market value you should expect the home to be on the market around 130 days. Being slightly over can have a great impact and increase that time substantially. Adversely pricing your home just a bit under can create a buzz and sell the home quickly and for very close to the asking price! Many sellers are of the opinion that if they price their home to sell that they will get low ball offers and it will be an exercise in futility...the truth is that pricing your home aggressively generates aggressive offers and can instigate a multiple offer situation...making it possible for you to end up selling your home for more money they you could have got if you price the home higher!...not to mention the fact that the time frame will be greatly reduced and if you have a vacant property that could save/make you even more money!!! 

Think of it as buying a pair of jeans...there are those people who are looking for name brand and they will pay what it costs to get that...on the opposite end of the spectrum we have bargain hunters who say they don't care about the brand so long as they fit and they are the inexpensive....then there are those people who pick up a pair of jeans and look at them for what they are. These people want to get good quality and nice style but don't want to spend an arm and a leg to get it BUT they don't mind spending a bit more to get something they like...THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE YOU SHOULD MARKET YOUR HOME TOO...Those kinds of buyers make up the biggest percentage of the market...don't undervalue your property the the point of silliness and don't ask way more then you should HOPING that someone will show up and be dumb enough to pay that price....a major flaw with many sellers mind sets is that they forget that they should be thinking as BUYERS as those are the people who they are trying to appeal to....

These clients of mine had the right idea and they are reaping the rewards for being sensible!!! 

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