Friday, October 14, 2011

Is Winter a Good Time to Sell Your Home? It Might Just be the BEST Time!

If you have been thinking of selling your home or you were trying to sell your home earlier this year but gave up due to market conditions you may want to get it on the market ASAP.

Many people think Winter is a poor time to try to sell a house due to weather and a general market slow down. The truth is that yes things do slow down and yes weather does dampen the market a bit but there are some positive reasons to list your home in the Winter....especially in todays market.

The number one reason to try to sell in the Winter is the fact that there is simply less competition. Many sellers take their homes off the market with the plan to re-list in the can capitalize on that fact if you list today.

The buyers who are driving around looking at homes in the Winter are serious buyers. Who else would choose the Winter time to get bundled up, drive around in the snow and ice to see homes with yards covered with snow?...You can capitalize on this fact if you list today.

Beyond that you have super great interest rates which will push buyers into buying now. We are also expecting a pretty good drop in prices again next year so you may want to get your place sold before that happens.

All in all Winter may not be a busy market but it is a market for serious deals. If you are serious about selling pull the trigger and list your home for sale. You don’t have to worry about having too many showings since the market is slower but you never know who is out there right now looking for a home like yours. You can’t sell what’s not for sale right?

Contact me today for a Market Evaluation of your property and then decide if it is the right time to sell. 

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