Friday, November 6, 2009

What A GONG Show!!

Well I finally wrapped up my longest ever in the works deal...what a ride...This brings me to my point...using a Realtor to assist you in the sale of your home is more then just good sense it can make the difference between a deal coming together and no deal at all. When you think of selling you think that all you do is put your home on the market and then someone will buy it...think again...this deal had 7...count'em 7 accepted offers fall apart for different reasons before I finally brought some buyers to the table myself who could get it together...imagine thinking your home was sold 7 times only to realize that it was back to the drawing board...I feel so bad for my sellers…now imagine the work involved for have no idea....this last one (although it came together in the end) was no picnic took weeks and multiple extensions to get it together....usually my job is over after the subjects are off but in this instance the banks and lawyers were not communicating effectively enough to get the job done and I had to step in and save the day for both my buyers and sellers...that’s right people its more then a pay cheque....peoples lives are on hold and in turmoil until things get sorted out...that is something that bankers and lawyers and sometimes even Realtors forget...if I had not intervened on this I have no doubt that it would have fallen apart costing my sellers time, money, and stress while possibly loosing my buyers deposit in the process...


As a Realtor I am often in the middle and it is up to me to sort out all the details and to do so quickly all while people are over stressed and over emotional and sometimes not as helpful as they should be...I'm not looking for sympathy here (in fact I enjoy the stress) what I am looking for is understanding that Realtors serve a purpose and that although it may seem we get paid a lot (and sometimes we do) there is a ton of stuff that goes on behind the scenes that we take care of so buyers and sellers can rest easy and not worry...not to mention helping everyone not get sued! That’s right...we as agents step into the middle and open ourselves up to litigation on every deal...we do this to protect you as at the end of the day few of you know how to write a contract that will cover your buns in the event that things go wrong...Its funny to think that it has taken over a year to get paid for this deal!....maybe funny is not the right at the end of it all I am very pleased to have helped my sellers realize their freedom to travel and my buyers to own their first home...ahhhh...job well done...thanks for listening!



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A skilled Realtor is an invaluable tool to help facilitate both the finding of the perfect home and the writing of a firm and binding contract. I pride myself on my services and communication skills and will work hard to make your home buying e xperience an enjoyable one. Negotiating a fair price for my clients is one of my strong suits and rest assured that if you employ me as your Realtor you will get the service you desire and deserve.

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