Friday, May 20, 2011

What Does An Offer to Purchase and Sale of Real Estate Mean in Simple English? Part !

 (Part 1) This section shows an actual Contract and then speaks to the contract over the next few posts:

What Does An Offer to Purchase and Sale of Real Estate Mean in Simple English? 

Remember the last time you sat down with your Realtor to write an offer on your dream home? You were so excited that you did not really pay much attention to the Realtor as he/she reviewed the details of your offer? You know what you offered to pay for the property and when you plan on taking possession but your eyes probably glazed over when your agent started reviewing all the legal jargon. Does this sound familiar? You said “uh-huh” and “Yes, I understand all of that perfectly.” The truth is you probably did understand everything at the time but then you got home and you thought. “So what did I really sign?”

Here is the answer to that question! This is a breakdown of the complete Contract of Purchase and Sale in layman terms.  Now you can sit back and read what you signed up for when you were working with your agent.

Contract of Purchase and Sale.pdf Download this file

Check back soon for Part 2!!

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