Friday, May 13, 2011

Window + Closet = Bedroom in Real Estate...or does it???

There is a common mis-conseption in Real Estate which revolves around the notion that you need a window and a closet in a room for it to be called a 'bedroom.' - NOT TRUE!!!

The fact is that all a room 'technically' needs to be called a bedroom is a window (and a probably a bed;-). Now any old window will not do...the window has to have a minimum of 3.767 square feet of OPENING space. It can not be covered by bars or have an locks or devices on it which make it so that the window can not be opened without the need for keys or special tools. Basically this is just a fire safety bylaw. Also another thing that can affect this are sprinklers. If the room has a sprinkler system in it then the window size changes what? Even I can not find that out!

Now for the closet. Again we hear that a room needs a window AND a closet...well that is not true. After many phone calls to the Real Estate Board, Real Estate Council and after speaking to both my managing brokers the info I have is that closets are irrelevant when determining if a room is a bedroom....Realtors count on them to call a bedroom a bedroom more out of procedure then actually having to do so....since it is a precedent standard that agents count the closet I am told that some verbal or written warning should be made to the buyers agent before showing a home in case closets are important to the buyers BUT again there is not need for one to exist at all....technically. Reason is that you can add a closet to any room simply by adding a wardrobe...old homes, homes with lofted bedrooms or homes where the closet was once there but has since been removed are reasons why a closet my not exist. Lets say you have a swanky 'one bedroom' apartment...the kind where the bedroom is lofted and overlooks the rest of the unit. Lets also say that that bedroom does not have a closet. Does that mean you have to market the one bedroom unit as a no bedroom unit? Some may think so but they would be wrong. You just need to make some reference to the fact that there is no closet in the bedroom so any perspective buyer for whom a closet is important will be warned up front and they will not feel cheated if they show up to view the home only to find that there is not closet.

So there you have often misunderstood real estate fact revealed.

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