Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Some simple and important tips to help make your home show its best

Here are some simple and very important tips to help make your home show its best.


  1. Go out. Even if it is for a walk. Take the dog with you if you can. When someone is home during a showing, the buyers spend more time trying to get out of your home than they do looking at the house. Trust us, it makes buyers very uncomfortable and greatly impairs your chances of getting an offer. Being home also prohibits honest feedback from the buyers. Even if they really like your home, they will feel pressured to rush their tour and may miss some of the great features your home has to offer.
  2. Make sure the home is clean and presentable. Remember you are trying to SELL the house.
  3. Turn on all lights. Even lamps. The brighter your home looks, the better.
  4. Depending on the season turn on the heat or A/C. If the home is too hot or too cold the buyers will be uncomfortable and they will want to get out of the house. If they are not comfortable in your house, they will assume they would be uncomfortable if it was their home.
  5. Make sure the home smells nice. Especially by the front door. First impressions are very valuable. However, don’t make the home smell overpowering. Too much scent is a bad thing no matter how good you may believe it smells. Some people are very sensitive to scent.
  6. Make sure the toilet seats are down.
  7. PUT AWAY ANYTHING OF VALUE or anything you don’t want the buyers to ask for in an offer. We have seen offers fall apart due to the “I want that beautiful chandelier” issue.
  8. Leave some photos out of the yard in bloom if you have some.
  9. (This one may sound silly but it is really effective) Leave out a hand written “Thank You for viewing our house” note with some cookies, bottles of water or snacks. Many times buyers have been looking at homes for hours and may have missed a meal. They will remember you and your home with fondness as that “Great house with the treats!”
  10. Pick up any pet mess in the yard.
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