Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buyers Are More Comfortable Contacting Agents Rather Then Dealing With The Seller Directly.

Buyers may be leery of contacting or intruding upon home owners with whom they are unfamiliar. Potential buyers might also be intimidated looking through a home if the owner is present and feel uncomfortable making an offer if they know they’ll be negotiating directly with the owner. They often appreciate the accessibility and objectivity of a respected CENTURY 21 real estate professional. If you are trying to sell your home on your own you may very well have some people through your home who act like they want to buy it. I have often spoken with home sellers who have had people through their home and were confused when they never received an offer from buyers who told them “wow…what a great house”. A lot of buyers are not upfront with the sellers if they have to talk to them directly. They may not want to hurt the sellers feelings or they may not want to get into a situation where the seller tries to “sell” them the home despite the fact it is not what they want. Buyers will often say nice things about the property then leave and the seller never hears from them. Buyers are much more honest and open with Realtors about what they do and do not like about a home. This information can then be passed on to the home owner and changes can be made to the home, the price, the yard or whatever it takes to make the home more appealing. At least the seller will know what the deal is and not be sitting by the phone waiting for the offer that will never come. Contact me anytime if you have any questions regarding real estate.

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