Monday, August 25, 2008

My Garden 2008 - Trials and tribulations

Well I tried my first full garden in my new home. It was a lot of work getting this all set up. I had to rip up the turf and sift off the soil. Dig up the underground sprinklers and re-arrange them for proper irrigation. I them had to wheelbarrow 127 loads of soil from the front to the back. Then make the hills and put the landscaping ties around the garden to keep the raised bed in place. Whew...then plant.

Garden Till, Hilled, and Filled.

When I planted I learned a big lesson...wait till May! I planted a bit early because I am impatient. Big Mistake. I was lying in bed and heard the sprinklers come on and thought aaaahhhh summer. When I opened my eyes after they turned off I looked out the window and it looked pretty bright....and white? Glasses on and was snow. Long and short half the garden died. If the sprinklers had not come on I think a lot more would have lived but the water made ice and you know what that means to plants...death. HAHAHA...well live and learn.

As for seeds...which was the way I started things...I found most things aren't worth doing seeds. Seeds work will with: peas, beans, carrots, dill, and radishes. Potatoes and onions are ok too but they are more like bulbs then seeds. Cucumbers and zucchinis may be ok too but definitely do not waste your time with growing tomatoes from seeds.

Garden in Bloom

I tried a bit of everything in the garden to see what works well and what to plant next year. In my garden you will find:

1. 4 kinds of tomatoes (plumb, cherry, lemon boy, and beefsteak)
2. Zucchini
3. Squash (butternut & acorn)
4. Cucumber (lemon, long English, Japanese)
5. Beans (yellow & Green bush beans)
6. Broccoli
7. Brussels sprouts
8. Celery
9. Radishes
10. Mellon (can't remember what kind...ha-ha)
11. Onions (red, white, & Green)
12. Cauliflower
13. Egg Plant
14. Red Potatoes
15. Carrots (purple & orange)
16. Snap peas
17. lettuce (romaine & Butter)

I also grew a whole whack of herbs:

1. Basil (sweet, purple, & Thai)
2. Mint (spearmint & chocolate)
3. Chives (garlic)
4. Cilantro
5. Parsley
6. Dill
7. Oregano
8. Rosemary
9. Bay

Wall-O-Herbs (a bit later after some were harvested)

All in all it was a pretty good season so far. I have more tomatoes and zucchinis then I can handle. Potatoes, carrots, broccoli, were a great success.

Veggies Ready to Eat

The Brussels sprouts were FULL of aphids and had to be tossed...what a waste. The lettuce was destroyed by the birds...wont be doing them next year.

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