Thursday, August 28, 2008

How a Realtor helps To Negotiate Top Dollar.

Reaching an agreement between seller and buyer and then closing the deal requires complete objectivity and a thorough understanding of deeds, abstracts, offers, contingencies, disclosures, title searches, etc. Working with a skilled negotiator such as your CENTURY 21 sales professional who has your best interests in mind may improve your chances of selling at the price that brings you peace of mind. On the other hand if you are the purchaser your agent can do what is necessary to get you the home you want for the best possible price. Your agent can investigate what other homes in the neighborhood sold for and other pertinent information that could affect the price paid for the home. Once your agent negotiates you the price you want he/she can then make sure all the other terms of the contract are satisfactory and make certain all subjects get taken care of so the deal does not collapse. Using a Realtor to negotiate your deal can also save you money by allowing the negotiations to take place at arms length. If you are the seller the less the buyer knows about your motivation for selling the more money you may get. This is because as soon as the buyer finds out that you are desperate to sell due to divorce, illness, etc. they can use that info against you thinking you will accept a lower price just to get the place sold. The same is true if you are the buyer as well. If the seller thinks you really love the place they may push harder for more money. You may not even realize that you are giving the seller money as you walk around the home with them watching and listening to your reactions. Every time you say “we could put our TV there” or “wow the kids would love this back yard” you may as well hand the seller a thousand dollars because they will use it all against you later. People often act sincere and put on a friendly face but when it comes to negotiating price you may come to realize that they are not be as nice as they seemed. Contact me anytime if you have any questions regarding real estate.

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