Thursday, April 28, 2011

EXTRA EXTRA Text All About It! Street Text another tool in the toolbox.

..beep boop boop and SOLD...


Texting is now the number one form of communication for people below the age of 45. Texting, or SMS messaging, is rapidly becoming your buyers first source for information. Sales of Smartphones have now outpaced computers and handheld devices, with over 160000 Android Phones sold per day in june of this year alone [techcrunch

]. Consumer's usage of Smartphones is a staggering figure when you add Blackberry and Iphones to the mix. The result is millions of people browsing the web using mobile browsers. How does your website look on a mobile browser? If you list with me the answer is GREAT!

When a prospective home buyer texts one of Street Text's sign riders for Real Estate information, they not only receive a text message back with all the property information and your Realtors phone number, they also get a link to view more information on a mobile friendly webpage. It includes photos of your listing, your agents information and detailed description of your property.

Street Text connects you to a new and rapidly growing market, and it brings eager buyers to you. With every text the buyers phone number is sent to me. Not only does it connect your property to more buyers it's allows me to contact the buyers directly. 

You may be thinking ‘thats an invasion of the buyers privacy!’ you know what I say? “Who cares!” My job is to sell your home and I will do everything in my power to get the job done. What a lot of sellers don’t realize is that I am constantly out there sticking your listing under peoples noses...ya some of them may not care BUT they may have a friend, aunt, brother, or sisters neighbors boyfriend who does! You as the seller don’t need to worry about getting doors slammed in your face or phones hung up on you...thats why you hired a Realtor;-) I will pound the pavement or the telephone and computer keys until your home sell.

So back to Street Text...What is it. Street Text is a service I pay for which allows me to display a number on your yard sign for passers by to ‘Text’ for instant information about your property. Things like lot size, number of beds and baths, property taxes and lets not forget all those professional photos I paid to have take;-) 

Imagine this...Mom is driving down the road and sees that your home is for sale...she thinks “wow...I like that one...what’s the address 458 Park View Crescent...I will look at that when I get home”...then little Carols starts hitting his sister and some guy in a pick-up almost runs her off the road...she stops at the store to grab dinner and starts thinking about the work she did not have time to do at the office...She pulls into the driveway and gets all the munchkins and groceries into the you think she remembers that address? Do you remember the address? Nope...

Now picture this...Mom is driving down the road and sees that your home is for sale...she thinks “wow...I like that one” Great it has a street text number...beep boop boop and BLAMO...All the info about your property is in her phone...she can see it now right on the spot and review it again later that night with her husband...or just send it to him right there...pretty cool huh? Oh and lets not forget that the next day I will be giving her a quick call to ‘touch base’ and see if she has any questions or if she would like to see the home...Could it get any better then that? Nope...

List with me and you will not be sorry. I am always trying to stay one step ahead of the game. Real Estate is an ever changing and progressing pay big money to us Realtors to sell your home don’t you think we should be on the cutting edge of the latest technologies? Don’t you think you deserve an agent who has a good at what he does...Yup...

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