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QR Codes...Now Even Homes Have Bar Codes...BEEP...SOLD!


QR Codes...Now Even Homes Have Bar Codes...BEEP.

It seems every now and then a new technology comes along and gets everyone in real estate excited.  Right now that technology is QR Codes.

The problem I have is that while everyone and their brother is telling you that you need to be using QR codes, very few resources are specifically showing you the best ways to use QR codes for real estate.

It is actually why we exist, innovation is rewarded, execution is worshiped.

Just like with Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, Mobile, Video and any other buzz worthy platform or new technology some will adapt it quickly and pick up market share, most will fail and simply use it because the other agents in their office are.  So below you will find what in my opinion are the 5 best ways to use QR codes for real estate right now.  I would never assume these are the only ways but these are some great ones.

Quick note before we get started with the list.  A QR Code is simply a bridge to a website that when scanned with a mobile device takes a consumer on a journey beyond the paper it is printed on.  One of the major perks is that all of the scans are tracked and thus the ROI is fairly easy to detect, critical to any high level marketer.  I also think there is key things to consider when using QR codes.

That key this is to make sure the web page that you direct the consumer to MUST be optimized for viewing on a mobile device or whats the point.  My website is set up as a mobile website and so is the personal website I create for all my listings. This means that when someone scans the QR Code their smart phone or mobile device will then open a mobile webpage containing all the info on your property.

Some Of The Ways I Am Using QR Codes To Sell My Listings:

1.  Lawn Signs – This would be the most obvious usage in my opinion.  Consumers like to get as much information as humanly possible before calling a sales person.  By placing the QR Code on your sign riders I will be providing potentially the hottest leads, those driving around looking for homes to buy, with all of the information needed about that property instantly.  Price, interior photos and community info are typically things that a lawn sign does not provide and by leveraging a QR Code I am really giving the consumer what they want when they want it. Lets give the buyer the info before the screaming kids or road raging drivers make them forget all about the property they intended to look into when they got home!

2.  Business Cards – Another simple use for QR Codes is on my business cards. I have had some new cards made us with a QR on the back. Simply put this will help drive traffic to my website which will in turn put more eyes on your listing.

3.  Property Flyers – At your home I have created and displayed fantastic brochures. As you know I have paid for a professional photographer to take stellar looking photos of your property and then hired a graphic designer to create some top notch brochures for your listing...if you look at the bottom you will see it....TA-DA! The QR Code is right there. Picture this....A husband and wife go shopping for their dream home with their Realtor...They see ten homes...Six of those homes have brochures they can take with them (but only one looks professional and only one has a QR Code) this husband and wife are sitting on the couch after a long day of shopping and reviewing the brochures they took home with them...of course they pay special attention to the  one showcasing your home because it looks so great...and then the wife notices the QR...she whips out her phone and scans the not only dose she have the fantastic brochure but she has all the info on your home too! The room measurements, links to the local schools and amenities, the age of the home, the size, a map of the area, a link to the Street View of the area and the list goes on and on...This is how selling homes is done in the 21st Century and I am the 21 Century Realtor doing it...

I am confident there are many other uses for QR Codes in real estate and I will do my best, as always, to capitalize on any marketing endeavor I can get my hands on. Selling my listings is priority one and trust me when I say no one will work harder to accomplish that goal...Thanks for your time.

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