Wednesday, April 13, 2011

It is nice to be recognized for they hard work you do everyday in Real Estate


We all go to work every day and do our best right? Well sometimes it is nice to get that 'At-ta boy' from the world for a job well done isn't it? Nothing compares to the "thank you'' you get from your clients of course but some peer recognition certainly means a lot. No one knows what it is like to do your job like your coworkers. Clients are more often then not ignorant to just how hard you work for them as their Realtor...and the less they know the better you are at your job! They are supposed to think the whole process is pretty much effortless so they don't get too stressed out...Your coworkers however know how long you spend at the office and can hear the conversations you have when you are yelling at the phone and being driven made by the world which sometimes seems to conspire to keep your deals from happening! They can hear your fingers pounding away (right through the wall) as you email everybody and their dogs to get the info you need to complete that sale. 

I was very proud to receive a few awards awards during our Century 21 Gala Awards Ceremony the other day...As it stands I am the fourth most productive agent in my whole office...a fact that I am pretty proud of since there are over 40 agents in my office. I work very hard for my clients and take pride in what I do. I have been working as an Realtor for over 5 years now and I have seen steady increase and improvement in my business since day one. Please don't take this as bragging...I am just proud of my accomplishments and the way I have handled my business for both myself and my clients over the years...shouldn't we all take a moment to say to ourselves "hey I did a good job there...I make a difference and make peoples lives better...I deserve this recognition"? Of course we should!! Further to the two awards I received placing me as the fourth highest producing Century 21 agent in all of Kelowna I also received the Century 21 Masters Diamond Award...That is the 2nd highest award an agent can get in my whole organization...not too shabby if I do say so myself.

Well that is that. The awards are filed and now it is back to work. Working for the best award of them all...the smile and gratitude of my clients when I do a good job for them. Oh and lets not forget my other favourite award...the REFERRAL;-) When you do a job so well for someone that they want you to do the same for their family or friends could there be any higher honour? I think not...Thanks for listening to this self serving post...Please keep me in mind should you find that you need any assistance selling or buying a home. Have a good one! :-)

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