Friday, April 15, 2011

Sellers - Help your Realtor sell your home! Its as simple as Facebook!


Something that is often overlooked when selling a home is what you Sellers can do to assist in the process. Yes you are great at cleaning the house, turning on lights and making the place smell nice for showings. You are also great at making sure you are always easy to reach and ready to show the property on short notice....Right? Of course you are!!

We are in a new age of selling Real Estate. In this age if information and computers you as the Seller can actually help your own cause if you wish. You know I personally advertise my listings on over 75 websites right?! Well you can do some simple things to bolster the action your listing receives. Do you have a Facebook account? If you do Facebook your listing! I’m sure your friends and family would love to help you sell your home. You and your family and friends should Facebook, Twitter, and Blog about why your home is great! The more your property is sent around the web the better the ‘Google Juice’ will be. The higher up the page the listing will post and the more attention it will receive. I am doing this regularly and so are my friends, family, clients and colleagues...every person who ‘LIKES’ the post will help push it in front of more eyes; the more eyes that see it the better the chance of it popping in front of someone who says “That place would be perfect for (insert person’s name here).

If you have your property listed with me visit my website
and check out your listing. Open the ‘property details’ tab and you will see a ‘share on Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc’ button. Click that button and share your listing with the world! You can also see how many people have ‘liked’ your listing on facebook...which I think is pretty great! Just think that for every person who ‘liked’ your listing there are hundreds/thousands of their friends who saw your home jump up on their Facebook News Feed!

So at the end of the day keep in mind that I am always working to market your listing the the broadest number of people possible and if I have to recruit you Sellers to help get the job done I will;-) 

We are on the same team after all!

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PS. Your referrals to friends and family are always greatly appreciated and rewarded.

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